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You can learn more here: Three Day Rule and Match. Three Day Rule Event. Meeting with Samantha Kessler in the lobby of the W New York Downtown was like meeting with any other girlfriend — if that girlfriend's goal was to match you with the man of your dreams.

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Kessler works as a matchmaker for Three Day Rule , a modern matchmaking service that operates out of seven US cities, including New York. I met with Kessler, the matchmaker in residence at the hotel in leading up to Valentine's Day, to see if matchmaking would convince me to ditch dating apps for good — and maybe even help me find love in the process.

She asked me for all the usual information — my age, where I live, my job, and my sexual orientation, as well as my religion, whether or not I want kids, whether or not I want to get married, how many siblings I have, and where I went to school. She also asked me what I look for in a match, what my deal breakers are, whether or not my parents are still together, and why I think I'm single right now.

We wanted something that was more accessible to a normal, successful person," she said. Given that the matchmakers have access to all the big dating sites themselves, they're not limited just to the people they've added to their database.

That vetting process is very important, to both TDR and their clients. TDR is dedicated to helping relationship-minded singles in the community along their dating journeys. I'm so excited for you to get started with us.

Three Day Rule's 30-Day Dating Challenge

After years of coaching people within the gay and lesbian community, I've realized that there is a need for a platform to help singles find love. He is the founder of Finding-Cupid.

Meet Three Day Rule, a modern take on matchmaking

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