Things to know when dating a german guy

Germans take their bread very seriously. Never white and fluffy and sweet.

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What Americans call bread is an abomination to them. You can no longer imagine serving pork without it. First, you learned what a Schnitzel really is. You know that German men are, shall we say, a bit muted when it comes to expressing their feelings. Whatever their reaction is, you learn to crank it up a few notches in your interpretation. What we Americans consider friendly small talk, Germans find a waste of time. Your German family has schooled you on the fact that those cute leather shorts you imagined your husband wearing as a young boy are actually Bavarian, and not typical elsewhere in the country — which is disappointing, because they are really adorable.

On this day, Germans celebrate Sankt Nikolaus Day. According to folklore, good kids get their stockings filled. Bad kids get a bag of ashes and a beating from good old Saint Nick.


I prefer a strong personality as opposed to a quieter one that registers as weaker to me. I am a strong personality and very outspoken. He respects that in me and we seem to match very well without offending each other. Without coming straight out by saying it….. First, he said, you graduate from school, then you get a job, then you get a house then you get a wife. A house always comes before a wife. At present, he lives in hotels due to his job demanding him to travel but soon after we met and before he made love to me, he began shopping for a house and wanted me to help him choose one by looking for him, sending him pics of the ones I liked so he could then choose from the ones I liked.

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He never once asked if I would live with him. He will understand my interest in his proposition by my active participation in the house hunting or my indifference and lack of the same.

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He will see it by my behavior. We as Americans have simply become spoiled by having everything spelled out for us. He not only is interested, but is wanting to spend his life with me, and by the way he made love to me that night, is very in love and will make me very happy.

I am not so weak in my self esteem that I need a man flattering me all the time. I prefer action over words any day! Thank you for sharing this, I am going to German in June to visit what I pray will turn into somthing serious. He is coming to the US which I appreciate so much to help me get through customs and navigate the airports. Your so right about spelling things out. Us Americans expect things to be spelled out. Onever thing he does also make a point to tell me how beautiful I am, and is so spontaneous like buying flowers for memorials and me.

Also, we talk about marriage and children informally alot. I know he wants children an discuss shocked to hear about the lack of prenatal and post natal care that US offers for women. His job is really demanding too as he travels, but constantly tells me he uses his hotel for sleeping only not prostitutes or other women.

Just by reading your post, he wants to engage in somthing more with you than boyfriend and girlfriend. Asking you to shop for a house is a big deal to germans. He eventually if all goes as planned want you to live there with you. He wants you to find a place where you will be happy and thrive. I have been talking online to a german man for over a week..

Have you now met up with the German? Or at least have video calls? How did it go with him eventually?

Are all Berliners traveling businessmen.. Thank you for sharing. We have a lot in common with our German men. May you have a beautiful future together. Thank you for your story. I met my German 6 years ago when he was on a working holiday in my native, Australia.

The first time I visited Germany to meet his family and friends we took a camping trip to the Alps. I commented that he was like the Mountains. Beautiful but scary, light and dark, warm and cold. I love your story, Mel, I laughed out loud at parts and am so pleased to hear that an Aussie gal found her Bergmann. Because of my inability to read him, I took our relationship directly to the friend zone, and he got into a relationship with another woman, which for some reason made me jealous.

I would always sort of blow him off, because he never made a romantic gesture, going out with him was like hanging out with a friend, and I wanted to more. I finally went out with him for drinks, and decided to open up more, realizing that I was just as closed as he was, holding on to my own southern old fashioned ideals, that the man should make the first move. So realizing our cultural misunderstanding, I basically told him it was okay to kiss me, without saying it..

A guide to dating the Germans

OMG, he moved mountains, never been kissed like that in my life.. But now all I can do is day dream about this man day and night.. Why do you wait until now to start this…. I have a question.

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Do you think that it would be fine if I date around with other guys until I have assurance that he wants to be in a steady relationship? Thanks for reaching out, Kass. For starters, whose turf are you on? Is Herr German in your area, or are you in Germany dating? If the former, carry on as you are. I will give a personal anecdote: He was hurt, but not offended.

9 things to know before dating German men | S. Burnett

Good luck, and keep us posted! I met my German man on tender when he was in town for work. The next day we went out for drinks and he we drink a lot of wine and he pay for all of that which I was surprised on the following day he came over and I made breakfast and he helped. It turned out we will whatsapp each other every other day me and it was a brief meeting in person but we stay in contact and somehow we fell into being friends very easily.

I had dated other people he had dated a quote crazy french girl and quote he was going to come back to the US to meet some girl he met in Philly but then one day he had a revelation. In typical German style straight no chaser he says I think you and I get along very good I like talking to you I feel that I can tell you everything about me and it feels better than with the other girl. Then he went on to say that when he was here visiting the US with me he was still involved with the previous girl and he realized that he was not paying attention to who was right in front of him.

You are absolutely hilarious!! Thank you for this amusing guide and the nuggets of truth!! Your observations and interpretations are very well written and made me literally laugh out loud and slap my knees in public! I am a German Samoan so yeah I met my German when.. Well actually we were childhood friends! It all started when my family and I went to the playground P. I went on a web swing and asked my sister if she could push me yeah I was such a lazy 10 yr old.