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  • 9 Songs For When You're So (Mostly) Over Your Ex.
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Does he like me quiz is a no nonsense. They won't ever hear it, but at least you can listen to it. Here are 36 songs to send to your ex.

36 Songs I Wish I Could Send To My Ex

Twerk ft Cardi B. Eels live at Royal Albert Hall. Passion Pit live at Central Park. All I Have Is You. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B. City Girls - Twerk ft Cardi B post: I mean what's the point of having an ex if you can't enjoy their sadness?

Gotye is no longer sad and kinda relieved to be done with the relationship. He doesn't even honor the subject of this song by referring to her as an ex -- a term that carries a certain amount of heartbroken street cred. There is absolutely no looking back here, and "used to know" puts the relationship firmly in the past. Until the chorus when Gotye complains that his "somebody" didn't have to be quite so much of a jerk about the whole thing….

Who are we kidding?

Nobody is over their ex. Let's just accept that and listen to the angriest, bitterest, most depressing song in existence. The only consolation to be had is that The Mountain Goats are definitely in worse shape on this song than well… anyone. Least over it lyric in existence: Well at least the Insulting Knight was able to keep his castle safe. How the Odesza prodigy is making a name for himself- and why you should lend an ear. Matoma Sunday Morning Acoustic. Contact Us Privacy Baeble. Twerk ft Cardi B.