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In , Ruger introduced the Ranch Rifle with an integral scope base on the receiver, a new folding aperture rear sight and factory scope rings. In , Ruger introduced the Mini Thirty rifle chambered for the Russian 7. At the time, large quantities of surplus military ammunition were being imported into the United States at rock-bottom prices. As a result, the Mini Thirty proved to be an effective deer rifle. In , the design was overhauled to improve accuracy and update the styling while at the same time reducing production costs.

The standard Mini was discontinued and the name became the family name for all Mini type rifles.

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As of , all Mini type rifles are now based on the Ranch Rifle design, with integral scope bases, a non-folding ghost ring aperture rear sight and a winged front sight similar to that used on the Ruger Police Carbine. Sometime between and , Ruger added a heavier tapered barrel to the Mini series.

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The heavier barrel had an overall larger diameter with the barrel visibly becoming thicker in the final inches as the barrel approaches the gas block from the muzzle. These changes combined with tighter tolerances result in greater potential accuracy. The Ranch Rifle is a basic model offered in a wood or synthetic rifle stock paired with a blued or stainless steel receiver and a standard These rifles feature an adjustable ghost ring rear sight and winged front sight, and they are sold with a detachable scope rail mount and a choice of two round or 5-round detachable box magazines to comply with some U.

All models are chambered in both. Introduced in , [13] the "Tactical Rifle" is the newest variant, which includes the shorter This model is chambered in both.

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In , Ruger began production of the Mini Thirty. The Mini Thirty is chambered for the Russian 7. The Mini Thirty shares many of the same design and accessory options with those of the smaller caliber Mini Ranch Rifle. The "Mini Thirty Tactical Rifle" variant was introduced in It also has a shorter The Mini GB "government bayonet" [19] models feature either a pistol grip, side folding stock or a standard semi-pistol grip stock, a 20 or round magazine, bayonet lug, threaded barrel, and flash suppressor.

The GB models also come with standard rifle stocks. Sales are intended for only the law enforcement, military and private security markets, and can only be found in their Law Enforcement Catalog. The AC is a selective-fire version of the Mini marketed for military and law enforcement use. The front sight is winged and incorporates a bayonet lug.

The rifle came equipped with round magazines and a round version was available for a time. The AC was dropped from production in and Ruger stopped offering service for the rifle in On the other, the aperture rear sight has been completely removed and replaced with a tangent rear sight located on top of the barrel just forward of the receiver.

A small number of straight-pull only a. In , Ruger began production of the Mini In Ruger introduced the Mini Tactical chambered in. There are a wide range of aftermarket accessories available for the Mini and Mini, including numerous stocks, magazines, weaver and Picatinny rail mounts.

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George Clooney 's character uses the Ruger Mini as a sniper rifle with collapsible stock, side-mounted scope and large homemade suppressor in the film The American. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Semi-automatic rifle Selective-fire rifle.

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  • Military Small Arms of the 20th Century. Campbell; David Steele 26 September Archived from the original on October 8, For details on your specific serial number you may contact our Service Departments at For serial numbers manufactured prior to our electronic records or for a Letter of Authenticity, please download and mail in the Request for Letter of Authenticity form. The Letter of Authenticity lists the serial number, ship date, model and caliber. We are unable to provide any information beyond that.

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    For more than 60 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Deerfield manufactured from to M77 manufactured from to M77 Mark II Magnum manufactured from to Mini manufactured from to Mini Ranch manufactured from to Mini Ranch Rifle manufactured from to present. Mini Thirty manufactured from to Mini Thirty manufactured from to present.

    Ruger PC9 Carbine - 9mm manufactured from to Ruger PC4 Carbine - 40 Caliber manufactured from to Gold Label Side by Side manufactured from Red Label Over-and-Under 12 Gauge manufactured from to Red Label Over-and-Under 20 Gauge manufactured from to Red Label Over-and-Under 28 Gauge manufactured from to Trap Shotgun - 12 Gauge manufactured Woodside - 12 Gauge manufactured from - Hawkeye Single-Shot manufactured from to Mark I manufactured from to Mark II manufactured from to Mark III manufactured from to Mark III Hunter manufactured from to