Nichkhun and victoria really dating 2011

Well, we wish anyway. The couple participated in an opening pitch event for the Doosan Bears on April 19th, after which they stuck around to watch the game. Though Khuntoria is known for being quite affectionate with one another, fans gasped with surprise when they saw pictures of Nichkhun kissing Victoria's cheek! And that's not all. Victoria was snapped draping her arm comfortably across Nichkhun's back as they focused on the game.

It's true that that they were recording an episode for "We Got Married" at the time, but we can't help but hope that these two really did want to show their love for one another publicly. Meanwhile, the Doosan Bears won against their opponents, the Nexen Heroes. Log in to comment. It's not what so called CIA ability, it's kind of obsession i think. I saw junhyung and yuri wore exactly the same sweater couple years ago, is that make them a couple? No, I'm not butthurt, i'm trying to be rational. I've seen other pairings that so called proofs, they're just the same.

Victoria Song

Well, but people believe what they want to believe. But i find it confusing XD. I don't really know about changtoria much until this article appear. Let me get this straight Yoona is now rumored to be in 'getting to know each other better' phase with cnblue jonghyun.

Khuntoria caught kissing at a baseball game??

Changmin said in his thanks to: On a side note, I love Madewell. Korean isn't that difficult you know, I'm sure she can speak Korean fluently by now.

[EngSub] 111006 Nichkhun talks about Victoria

Maybe her pronunciation is weird, but considering that Korean isn't -that- different from Chinese the way Greek is different Chinese, I really believe that she's capable of holding deeper conversations than most people give her credit for. And Changmin himself promoted in a Japan for years without mastery of the language. Maybe that shared experience helped them to bond. LOL i dont know how they are going to pull it off with straight faces though.

How in the world is that kind of thinking ignorant?? They're just stating what they think is the truth. Hell, I've been living in Korea 4x longer than she has, can speak completely unaccented Korean Even if she's "muchhh better now", there would most definitely still be communication issues.

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  • Monday, February 25, 2013.

It's the fact of how they think two people can't be together because of communication issues. I don't agree with you, but I respect that you have something to say. I'm sure Vic's korean is good enough to converse with people. I'm glad that people don't jumps into the hate bandwagon. Although I'm still worried for Vic's safety. One way to win Changmin's heart: I also remember seeing a fancam of smtown were Vic did not know that her shoulder strap was falling and min kept looking at her and finally when she saw him he told her about the strap and she pulled.

It up it was a sweet moment. Changmin is also known for not keeping with his give 'role' and being honest so Beside I'm not insulting him, its just hilarious that he manage to mention sex in all of the episodes. Maybe it's from another season but it really does look like my shirt!

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I think its kinda advantageous for Vic to date Changmin so that she can improve her Korean anw. Unlike khunfany who will most probably just communicate in english hahhaaha. I like Changmin but his intelligence is an accepted rumor. He is certainly eloquent, but there is no base for his IQ score. Beside, being learned doesnt exempt him from being lewd.

Like how there are certain SM idols who used to be so chummy and now they don't even interact at all, even during SM Town endings or anywhere else.

Makes things so interesting. They can be friends, they can have the same tastes, they can dated That's all i know. There are sooo many fancams showed Kyutoria closeness are no jokes. Its already mentioned million times that Kyu is the very 1st person who came to Vic when he 1st came to korea, and kyu want a chinese girl to be his gf, their physical interactions are also a lot, and they are always high fived, hold hands in every fancams,etc.

But there are also soo many changtoria moments as well. Who dates who, its really only them know. I really wish it kyutoria, but if the truth is Changtoria, then i can only say hope you guys happy to be together, hope till get married although i really wish Kyutoria is the real one, hm..

Victoria and Nichkhun get touchy and feely on "We Got Married" | allkpop

Any man will look good with her.. I kinda doubt this rumor but at least victoria is a girl not kyuhyun or food Or you can just look at their baby photos and morph those together. And both Vic and Changmin's baby photos are adorable actually. Geezzz they r obviously in love! Congratz for both of them, now they can dating publicaly.

Do you guys happen to know who Yunho is dating! I read his "Thanks To" for the Catch Me album and he wrote, "To my other half for being almost like a tvxq member If they did she did a good job in hiding it because she never looks twice at him. I hope khuntoria dating in real life but after i saw this its make me sad. Khuntoria now is not exist. If you can find any suspicious pic of Victoria that hints on possible PS or something, I will applause you! Till then Victoria stays one of the best natural beauties of kpop. I'm sooooooooo glad, cause in the end, it's Changtoria, not Kyutoria. Monday, February 25, [Telzone] Changtoria.

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