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I did not get compensated for all the extra things I did. I was criticized for making sandwiches differently than how they trained, but I never was trained and instead taught myself. Plus drivers aren't supposed to have to do that type of thing. But that didn't prevent the corporate jerks to still get mad at me for doing more than any other driver was willing to do. They're a bunch of jerks, plain and simple. Strict and independent work environment.

It is very strict and not a very fun place to be employed at. They don't allow team members to do several tasks and it is mainly just about cleaning cleaning cleaning. I loved working at Jimmy Johns.

Jimmy Johns is AMAZING !! Freaky Fast Delivery - Review

The work is extremely fast paced but so easy you don't even realize how fast the day is going. It's as though you start your shift, work for a little bit and before you know it, its time to clock out.

Loved working for Jimmy Johns. Not the best working experience. The job, at many times, can be very hectic and stressful. We were constantly running out of ingredients, there was incredibly poor management with clear favoritism, and there was obvious nepotism involved.

This Is How Jimmy John's Is So Freaky Fast, According to a Former Employee

Overall not a great experience, but an experience nonetheless. As a delivery driver it was a good place to work and the tips were good. The people were good to work with. The only issues I had was no paid time off, if you needed a day off you had to find someone to cover your shift and if you didn't you had to come in or you lost your job. Good "entry" Restaurant work. All of these chain restaurants will be different based on the management.

However restaurant wise you deal with barely anything that is cooked, so its usually easier to clean. Making sandwiches here is down to a formula and once you pick it up, you're made in the shade. Some customers freak out over gluten though, so change those gloves. Also on like dollar sub day some people get SUPER mad they have to still pay the like 50 cent up charge for cheese on some of the sandwiches. Funny, but also frustrating. Overall a decent job. I've learned and experienced a lot as I worked for Jimmy John's. Like keeping active and love the old movie every now and then.

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    Jimmy John's TV Commercial, 'Speed Dating'

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    An employee tells all.

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