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However, to single out this one group for scorn is hypocritical. And you have the same objection, right? And you publicly insult the people who subscribe to that site the same way, right? Often times I hear folks on the right babble on about how hypocritical folks on the left are about their own intolerance. Why is it so hard to comprehend the criticism of FarmersOnly. founder on why rural Americans need their own dating site

Is this the Onion? You just hammered rural Americans, farmers, and ranchers with grossly offensive stereotypes and insults. They are trying to avoid people just like you. What would you possibly have in common? I am a country girl and lots of farmers and cowgirls are good wonderful people.

However, beware my abusive farmer ex is on that dating site. Run like hell cause he will beat and torture you mentally and physically. The Non rural, urbane populous are often the ones accused of being elitist, snobby, and cynical. They also tend to deride and look down on folks that they feel are less than superior. The first comment here is a good illustration of what reactions would likely be to an ad for city dating showing a country woman dressed like Daisy Mae being ditched by her date in favor of a sophisticated city woman and left to fend for herself in the middle of Times Square.

I live in New York City and those stupid ads are in heavy rotation. They must be costing a fortune. Your explanation seems to be the most likely. And now, they have a ridiculous LARPer-type wizard on them. Crazy that sites like blackpeoplemeet. A dating site kinda just for conservative, gulp, WHITE people… well that about does it lets lose our minds! No black folks in the commercials. No Hispanic people in the commercials.

Who gives a crap?

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There is no secret society of straight white people running a dating site under the radar. Anybody of any color, and race can be a person who is looking for someone who loves life out in the rural areas. Are there people who live in the city who will respond to the site? You folks need to get your panties out of a twist and stop looking for something to be appalled about.

But I think those who are need all the resources they can get to find the right one. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Can Someone Explain FarmersOnly.

Someone, get a rope. Hold down the fort, you Oregon patriots!

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Email Facebook Twitter Google. You have the reading comprehension of… an uneducated cattle herder, I guess. Frankly, I think it comes down to respect.

Farmers being gay

If more women had respect for themselves, more men would have to respect women. If I met the true man of my dreams, treated me with love and respect Do I want to live 25 miles outside of a town?

Other Kentucky Cities:

Where when I run out of milk, I have to drive an hour round trip to buy it? Do I want to go through a full week before I see someone outside of family and the mail man? Those that answer yes, they are the ones that will find their match on www. As for the "dream man on a stinky pig farm" that you posit: Just personally, I have to look into the deeper psychological reasons why a man would choose to run a "stinky pig farm" for a living.

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  7. That type of man, or a guy who was a supermarket butcher or a gas-station attendant, I probably wouldn't have much in common with psychologically, regardless of how "loving and respectful" he might treat ME. Most people who work as butchers, for instance, are probably not disturbed by the work they do, for whatever reason. I personally would want to be with someone more psychologically aware. I wouldn't mind the solitude of living in the country today -- I grew up in the country in the '70s and hated the loneliness and feeling of being trapped; today, with the Internet, there's not so much mental isolation.

    So, a man who farms somehow is less than you psychologically? Perhaps a farmer who became a millionaire running his farm as a business. Although he didn't make his money in a traditional office, he still has outpaced you. It's a true view into how shallow minded people are and really how ignorant they are. I am glad though for your viewpoints, just less to overpopulate our slice of heaven here in the country. Ben, perhaps you have failed to see "blackpeoplemeet.

    However, it does show the slogan to be true. If you are from the city, you won't get it. I can only imagine, without reading your rant, that you are from a large city, probably on the east coast. Please stay in your overpopulated box. We enjoy the fresh air out here. I find Beth's post as disturbing as most other idioloques who MOST fall into her catagory if you believe in catagories and having been blessed to grow up on a beautiful Ranch in Oregon raiseing Beef, chickens, sheep, hay, horses and anything else city folks like to consume as they should if they wish there is no grander way to experience freedom like our founders intended than to grow up as we did.

    It's when I read ignorant evil moronic blogs such as this I wonder what would happen if all the electricity were turned off for just 1 week in cities across the us? Well you better get ready for it because it is not if it will happen but when. Your president has assured us of that. Our city friends have pre-arranged invites to make it as fast as possible to our Ranch as life on a ranch is always prepared for such terrorist attacks or acts of mother nature but you do not need to live 25 miles out to be prepared but do keep in mind city folks will be cannabalized first.

    I make sure what ever site I visit they know integraty, moral valus and Faith are first with myself, friends or any future friends.

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    Without that I believe you are a loney, empty vessel. Farming and Ranching are only differant in how many things they grow. They are both definately about a way of life and demand those living it have more common sense than City folks. Common sense is getting harder and harder to find. Another differance between farmers and city folks is we have been saving the planet since the beginning of time.

    Those idialouques need to find something fruitfull to consume there time and boredom. I could write a book about the differances between country people and city people but from reading your blog a getting enough encite to how you think it would not matter to you or others like you what the truth is.

    Sometime I think we are lucky most of you don't choose to do any non-biased research cause when you have an agenda it keeps you busy enough you are not doing harm in too many areas but the harm you creat with the global warming etc. Perhaps someday you will discover what life is really all about but it could take 50 or more years to hit reality.

    You gals weather thin or fat must realize it is only a health issue and a man that really cares about you would really care less what you weigh. This is why we date for a loooooong time to see if you are compatable. I feel you can weed the sex Phycos out by letting them know upfront it's not what you are looking for.