Dating step sister

He was a year older, good-looking, with a veneer of public school charm — and best of all, he seemed to be interested in me. So did I flirt back when we had water fights in the garden and I did giggle too much at his jokes? It felt safe because in the eyes of the law, we were soon to be brother and sister. T hen a few days after he arrived, we went into town. As we walked up a quiet side street, he stopped me, and playfully pressed me against a wall.

It was clear a line was about to be crossed, so I swerved to avoid it. Before he left, he pushed the letter under my bedroom door. From then on, Richard and I both ignored each other at the wedding, which was awkward, and that has set the tone for our relationship ever since. But while I was able to stop it in its tracks before it got more serious, step-family expert Ron Deal, author of The Smart Step-family, says "sexuality—between stepsiblings—is very rare.

And yet, it does happen. It seems that 'shared DNA' is a powerful deterrent to sexual attraction which is one significant reason incest is rare. S uch relationships can often spark family rifts because while embarrassing and inconvenient for the parents, there is no law against it if the teens are over the age of 16 and they are not genetically related. AAllxxjjnn Follow Forum Posts: I don't see any problem with dating a step sister if she isn't blood related.

OrianaDorta Follow Forum Posts: Then again even if they are is there some law saying you can't date them? The law doesn't apply to you if you aren't related by blood. I know about the whole kid thing but what about dating your full blood sister? I wouldn't let my parents get in my way.

IDK thats a real weird situation to be in. HybridPhoenix but what happens if the parents who get married have a child and the step brother and sister accidently have a child:? OrianaDorta kinda cuz must men are stright l and you just crooked. They should stay together now the parents should be the ones to split. That only happens in soap operas. P They don't make a big deal out of it then though. It'd be kind of odd to explain to people But there's really not technically anything wrong with it.

Everybody calls me a redneck anyway, dating a sibling can't make things worse.

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Your not related so whats the problem? If you didn't grow up together in a family setting, from childhood and have a genuine romantic relationship, what is a technicality going to do to make that "weird" and make it worth breaking up over? How could anyone let their parents relationship get in between theirs?

Original post by Genocidal Webbed hands and six toes are on the way! Follow 12 Would hate to have a hot stepsister.

Dating a step-sister/brother

Follow 13 Original post by ChaoticButterfly I don't think you understand how genetics work. A step sister is going to be no more related to you genetically than any random girl. That said it would feel weird. Attachments Pending Approval Incest-Brothers. Follow 14 Original post by VannR Technically speaking, there is nothing wrong with this.

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  • A moment of passion with my step-brother split our family for ever.

Eboracum Follow 20 followers 18 badges Send a private message to Eboracum. Follow 15 Original post by swagyolo Part of me thinks its fine bcus im reality jt is, but then when i start to think about it more, i shudder with discontent.

Original post by stoltguyboo LOL! Original post by jam Would hate to have a hot stepsister. Lujah Follow 99 followers 19 badges Send a private message to Hal. Follow 16 The thing is, you have the whole wide world of women to choose from. That's why it's not really ok.

A moment of passion with my step-brother split our family for ever

It isn't the case that you've even fallen in love with her, you just want to know if she's easy pickings. Follow 17 Follow 18 Although it's technically not a bad thing as you're not blood related, you've been brought up as siblings, as family, and I say you should keep it that way and just respect that because I can't see this ending well at all.

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At the end of the day your parents are married after all. Good luck with it OP. Follow 19 I think it's weird if you've been brought up together. If you haven't known them long and are 'adults' then it'd be far less weird.

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Follow 20 Original post by Mimsycrafts As someone who has lived with stepsiblings and with friends- its completely different You have to also consider your families feelings in this as they have invested time and effort into the family. If you date things will change.

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