Dating my teacher yahoo

I'm secretly dating my teacher? | Yahoo Answers

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Dating teacher yahoo

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I asked out my TEACHER and this happened...

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Agree by clicking the 'Accept' button. I always stay with him 2 hours after class ends and we secretly makeout in the classroom. The problem is that in a few weeks I'll be done The problem is that in a few weeks I'll be done with the French class and I won't have an excuse to see him without anyone being suspicious of us.

My parents watch my every move they always have to be the ones taking me somewhere and the ones picking me up. So we don't know how we are going to see eachother after I finish with the classes. Do you have any ideas of how to fool them so that I can see him?

I'm Dating My Teacher?

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? I think you are doing wrong ,it is because you want to make fool your family.

It is very bad because only the family is in the world who loves you without any reason. The people with whom you want make relations will not cooperate you on each stage. He likes you until other girls is not in his life.

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When any girl will come in his life which will more beautiful then you then he will leave you. So , you should go with your family decisions. Claim its an after school club I see you trolllin, I aint hattinn Related Questions My teacher and I are secretly dating, and I don't feel like it's right but?