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Bud light commercial

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Page 1 2. Page 1 of 2. With the people on the roof of the wrong castle and some robot. Replies Options Top.

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I saw that one the other day too and it confused me. Platinum on one turrent, regular Bud Lte on the other. That's all I could figure out. Replies 0. Replies 1.

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They went to the wrong turret. The party turret was the other turret. They are on the turret of staring into the abyss.

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  7. Super Bowl 12222: Watch the Game of Thrones Bud Light Ad here.

But no one expected it to turn up in the middle of a commercial for an entirely different brand. Bud Light was one of the few who kept their commercials under embargo heading into this weekend. As some have noted and complained about many of those who air commercials during the Super Bowl have taken to releasing them online ahead of time. It takes the surprise out of many of the ads since the bulk of them are on YouTube before the game.

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  • But Bud Light, a brand known for putting out a series of commercials over the Super Bowl's four quarters, all with similar themes, didn't release even one ahead of time or put out a press release or anything. Some thought this was because they had a real "moment" they were planning to create.

    Bud Light Celebrates World Pride with Rainbow-Inspired Bottles Benefitting GLAAD

    But it turns out, the brand was merely doing what everyone associated with Game of Thrones does: Keeping spoilers under wraps. Check it out:. The first of the Bud Light commercials, for the record, was also rocking the Medieval theme.

    Winter is Coming

    That one felt more like a Monty Python parody reference, with a group of knights trying to figure out where to deliver a shipment of corn syrup. This was to point out Bud Light doesn't use corn syrup, and therefore turned away the shipment.

    Super Bowl commercial bashes corn syrup, but another lauded for touting wind energy

    It was weird and felt a bit forced. The second commercial was more explicit in making the point, but also not really all that funny. So when another Medieval-themed commercial showing the same kingdom watching a jousting tournament, viewers assumed this too would probably be about corn syrup.