A20 matchmaking

TankkiPoju 12 Posted 27 October - A would not be so bad, if it could mount Zis If A could mount Zis-4, it would be better than T But it can't, so T is better. Squadman45 13 Posted 28 October - I prefer mount on scouts hotwitzers, i see them more usefull to deal heavy damage to your main enemies other scouts and arty but apart this T is a much better pure scout, smaller and better aceleration oooo and dont lose speed like A when you do continuous zig zag, evade a lot better and can kill heavy enemies doing circles around them.

A is a necesity if you want follow med line and you dont have free xp to jump over it. SirRoderick 14 Posted 29 October - There's only one way to play a T With joyfull, reckless abandon.

A20 matchmaking

There's only one way to play an A With frustrating, reckless abandon. That pretty much sums it up for me.

About the only thing the A has over the T is its slightly higher top speed, and its ability to mount a derpgun. And that the A actually leads to the Russian medium line, while the T leads to a dead end tree.

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In every other aspect, the T is just better. Dewirix 8 Posted 20 June - The common consensus is either grit your teeth and live with the relatively short grind for the PzIV, or avoid the tank altogether until you can afford the kit you need binocs and camo and have a crew trained up and ready for the tank. I chose option two, and I've found the Pz38nA to be a great scout tank after battles and counting , but without a decent commander and the right equipment you can't see much.

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With all those things I actually prefer high-tier battles as there's more chance to use the tank's speed to get into position. In low tier fights there are far too many nippy vehicles that can prevent you getting to good spotting points and you actually have to rely on your gun which is OK rather than your stealth and view range which are good.

A-20 matchmaking tiers?

Few 9 Posted 20 June - I did hope, when the tier 5 light scouts came out that the tier 4 ones would be adjusted to fit the lower tiers and get their MM reworked, but it appears that having a large band of unsatisfying grinding and futile bouncing from vehicles has to be maintained across all the trees from tier 4 to tier 6 regardless. SlashCo 11 Posted 20 June - Feroci0us 12 Posted 20 June - You are right in so much that you are not in control of your own destiny in the game, but its far from useless.

I always suggest to players who feel out gunned to team up with a bigger more useful tank and try to add a little damage to whatever he is doing. Your 5HP a hit might just be the difference between him staying alive and winning the game for you or dying horribly. Jukelo 13 Posted 20 June - The 38na is a passive scout, it doesn't really need speed or agility.

The general direction of companies and Crew Commander bonus.

It has nice camo and low profile. Still a horrible grind though: Jogi23 14 Posted 20 June - Pz38nA is a decent scout. But Pz38 t is a useless scout, due to its low topspeed and accelleration.

World of Tanks Blitz - A-20

If there is a scout which shouldnt be a scout, then its the 38t! The Crusader British tier 5 light tank has the matchmaking of normal tier 5 tanks and not scout tanks Scorpiany 7 Posted Feb 23 - This was changed a couple of patches back after they reduced the MM of all scouts by 1; the A received special attention and had its scout MM stripped away entirely. Wiki and Tank Compare both say the A only sees up to T6.

A - Global wiki. silrametfaco.ga

Thank you all for verifying that I am not completely insane. Now to go buy it back, pimp it out, and roll it out! A got an overdue buff in that they removed scout MM off of it.